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Sound not quite SFW
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Wanda Sykes on The Tonight Show
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When your railroading doesn't work, scream, shout, run around, and wave your hands all about. Hold your breath until you're blue just like students ustta do. If that fails, make big threats.

There is zero chance that Clinton could win a credentials fight at the convention. Technically, the injured party is the Michigan Democratic Party, which is being penalized for violating the rules. While Brewer would prefer full voting strength for his delegates, he realizes full well there has to be a penalty for violating the rules or all hell will break out in 2012. The most important part of his plan, the delegate split, was accepted by the RBC. A credentials fight in which the aggrieved party sides with the accepted compromise is not going to fly. More
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’72 McGovern Team Rallies for One of Its Own: Clinton

AUSTIN, Tex. — Frank Herrera, a prominent lawyer in Texas, was sitting at home two Saturdays ago when he received a telephone call.

The voice at the end of the line was that of an old friend from Senator George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign, who had since become the godfather, at least to some, of the Democratic Party.

“ ‘We’ve been with you all these years,’ ” former President Bill Clinton said, according to Mr. Herrera. “ ‘Now the time has come for you to be with us.’ ”

Mr. Herrera, who had up to that point been undecided in the Democratic race, promptly pledged his support to the Clintons. “The don never asks for a second favor when the first one has been rejected,” he said. More

Just sayin' that if I wuz gonna put a team together, I'm not sure that's the team I'd put together to carry any state.


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