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Obsessions are such sweet somethings.

When I switch to USI Wireless, the installer recommended I move the house's wireless router away from the USI wireless router. Something about interference and some such. So, I moved the house's wireless router up to the servant's quarters. Instead of making it easier for the DVD player to connect to the internet, it made it more difficult. And my main computer didn't have a wireless connection, so I started cruising for cheap N USB dongles, and I bought several, which worked just fine on the other computers in the house, but not very well with Windoz 7 64-bit. Then I bought something from MicroCenter, which worked just as well, and I took it back. Then another cheap dongle went on sale and I bought it. It too, didn't work, although it claimed to be Windoz 7 64-bit compliant. Recently, had a good price on an Asus internal wireless card, so off I went and bought that. I put it in and, amazingly, it works. Or at least it appears to, because in the interim, I brought the wireless router back down to the office and plugged the motherboard's second rj-45 port into the goddamn wireless router with a network cable quite some time ago.


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