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Something on my computer has been making an odd cycling sound. By something, I mean a fan and not a harddrive. It's easy to monitor harddrives temps. I've got a program that does that. It's easy to monitor CPU and motherboard temps, but I've not been checking them. It's harder to monitor GPU and power supply temps. For various reasons, I'm thinking it's the GPU fan. I took the card out and blew it the dust out of it. I looked at the fan, which sits on top of quite a bit of impressive fins and piping, with an eye on replacing it. It's already mumble generations old, and replacing the whole card may be a better option. If it isn't the GPU, it's either the CPU or power supply fan.
lsanderson: (Default) is supposed to have a 4T external USB 3 drive on sale today for ~$170



Ittsa Shell Shocker, so there may be hoops. I was seeing it around $200 earlier today.


Dec. 28th, 2012 11:53 am
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There's a few deals on the SATA III SSDs out there, mostly on the slow write (Up to 260 MB/s (SATA 6Gb/s)) vs the higher speed writers (Sustained Sequential Write: 520 MB/s).


Nov. 23rd, 2012 01:19 pm
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I recently switched out three unmanaged 8 port switches for one honking 24 port unmanaged switch. The 8 port switches all have the cables in back, but the 24 port has it in front. Today I put in another order for some network cables so I can stash the switch on top of my high desk with its plethora of cables sprouting out the front. I was going to drive over to General Nanosystems, but it's cold outside, and is so close... Did I mention you can get 'em in colors?

It all started with a fight to print from Someone's computer. I've got three printers, all shared, but two with their own network ports. I bought a cheap switch to stick between the wireless internet receiver and the computer, but it wasn't as seamless as I'd hoped for. Curse you, newegg specials.


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