Mar. 18th, 2017

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The Pride of America is a Norwegian Cruise Ship that travels amongst the islands: SHIP Pride of America CRUISE PORTS EMBARK Honolulu (Oahu); Kahului (Maui); Hilo (Hawaii); Kona (Hawaii); Nawiliwili (Kauai); DISEMBARK Honolulu (Oahu)


Kahului, Maui

The first day, we took a taxi to get out of the port and ended up in a tarted up hippy haven of long ago. Let's just say it was humid and let it go at that.

I rented a car the second day, and we took it to the crater, well, we took it to the Haleakala Crater twice, actually thanks to Google Maps who turned us around once and headed us back up the crater. It was cold up at 13,000 feet and windy, but well below the snow line. We wandered around and took a few quick pictures and headed back down the mountain to the old capital. Somewhere in route, goggle decided we wanted to go back up the crater, and we lost a bunch of time doubling back. We stopped at a cute seaside restaurant for lunch in Lahaina, where I got served squid sauce all over my clothes. Good squid though. Lets just say the cute restaurant was expensive, and no discount for the squid sauce bath either. (I'm still grumpy about that.)


Hilo, Hawai'i

My sister and I paid the big bucks for the helicopter volcano excursion. At the appointed time, we abandoned Judy and trekked off the ship to be bused to the airport and loaded on a helicopter. My first time in a helicopter. We got rushed past the safety video and loaded right on the copter, after a brief safety song and dance, strapped in, headsets on, six tourists and one pilot. I didn't realize how fast they climb. I was fiddling with cameras after takeoff, and all of a sudden we're like way high in the air above the macadamia nut plantations. We could see lava in the volcano, which is pretty flat. The vent that was pouring lava into the sea covered the lava in steam, and we couldn't see anything other than steam. There was a big to-do on the ship about sailing past the vent during the evening, but we never saw anything.


Kona, Hawai'i

There was a medical emergency on the ship that night, and we apparently docked somewhere. As a result, we arrived in Kona several hours later than planned, and, because there ain't no harbor, we all had to queue for the tenders. When I'd debarked by tender in the Mediterranean, the tenders always came from the island. Here, it's the lifeboats/tenders from the ship. We ate breakfast on the stern and waited, hoping the backlog would clear. Hah! We had to wait for quite some time in a theater for our number to be called, to go down a couple of decks to get on a tender. Once on shore, we rapidly decamped to a bar overlooking the harbor. Our waiter was the very modern model of a cabana boy, or so I thought, and I tried a few of the Hawaiian beers. Not always the one's I'd asked for, but heck, it was still free beer. Kona is on the dry side of Hawai'i, so the humidity is low, around 80% (for Hawai'i). After a couple of beers, we shopped a bit, and then got in line for the submarine excursion we paid big bucks for on the ship. The submarine ride was not dissimilar from diving without all the fuss of water. The windows were large, and it was pretty easy to see in the clear water.


Nawiliwili, Kauai

All three of us shelled out for the luau and 'show' on Kauai. We took the free shuttle to a little shopping area, and ended up taking another trolley from there around part of the island. That night, we gathered in the theater on the ship, and went down for the buses to the luau, which was at a tourist trap, err, plantation. We had two drink tickets each, and, wouldn't you know it, the drinks were terrible. I filmed them pulling the pig out of the ground, and we were amongst the first groups to hit the buffet line. They served little sample of poi, which is probably a good thing. Let's just say there's not much there there with poi. It doesn't taste like any wall paper paste I've ever eaten -- oh wait, I've never eaten wall paper paste, but it ain't got much flavor.


Honolulu, Oahu

We decided to take our own luggage off, which meant we didn't have to leave it in the hallway the night before. Judy and I went and had breakfast on the stern. We went down to the fifth floor, and sat around and waited for a while and for the line to go down. The car rental place was a block or two away, but we hopped in a taxi and got a ride there. (I don't think the taxi driver approved of the short fare.) After some paperwork and waiting, we got a Toyota Camry and headed out for the North Coast. We drove up the west side of the island (I think), and ended up having to backtrack to make it that last few miles because there wuz no road. We still got to the North Shore before we got the address of where we were staying. We decamped to a bar and spent the afternoon trying to get the address where we were staying. We finally got the address around six or seven, and rolled in to it after dark. It was a two-room place, with more space than we had in Waikiki, but with a floor model air conditioner that tended to pump water all over the floor. The apartment was a block from Ted's Bakery, which we hit up for breakfast every day we were there. It had a free washer and dryer, so I think we all ran our clothes through.



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